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Sailor Moon In Chicago?! For realz?!

YES! We exsist! And we have come to take over...

The Moon Fans of the greater Chicagoland area (Or
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What we are about and what we do!
We are a community dedicated to the Sailor Moon fans of Chicago or the surrounding areas/states. We are a place of information and gathering. A place to discuss all things Chicago and all things sailor moon!

Know where to find cheap gas? Want to meet new people? Want to hang out? Know where to find merch? Want to rant about the snow and or heat waves? This is just the comm for you!

We are all adults so lets behave like them!
If you want to plan a big ass meet up, expect to give people a few (probably 2 or more) weeks notice to plan around it. Some people may REALLY want to attend and would need the time to arrange their schedules. Use your best judgement on what you concider "big" and whether you want to give advance notice

Discuss anything related to sailor moon, Merch in chicago or surrounding areas, or Discussion on anything chicago (from weather, to gas, to Cubs Vs. Sox)
I don't expect this comm to be uber busy like the main comm, but do check back every so often for updates, news, meet ups. Someone may provide you with valuable information.

One small thing I DO expect out of this comm: If you go somewhere, traverse chicago, the burbs, wherever and you come across sailor moon merch and the location or item or whatever has NOT been mentioned, then please! Take 5 minutes out of your day to log on and give us a quick post telling us about what you spotted. Quick details like what it is, boot leg or no bootleg, how much you saw it for, how many left...that kinda thing. I'd like more fans to be able to find more stuff even if it is something small like a sticker sheet! :)

Rules subject to change at any moment and new rules may be added when i get off my lazy butt. =p