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Long time no see

Curious if anyone still is here? I haven't been doing anything with this community...mostly because the tumblr blog of similar name is my main active...

is there ANYONE who wants me to keep this blog active? otherwise...head over to http://senshi-chicago.tumblr.com or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Senshi-Chicago/212009179004774?ref=hl

i didn't think anyone was really coming on livejournal anymore...it seems to be somewhat deserted lately...

but we ARE trying to plan a meet up IN chicago for possibly april or may...if anyone is interested...

so...feed back?

Saturday December 7th at 2

So...via tumblr...a gathering date was picked of Saturday December 7th.

Since it looked like just 2 of us only....we chose to meet in down town naperville at 2pm at the barns n noble...and we said that if we got more people and it was more convenient to meet in down town chicago...we could change the place...

So right now...Meeting at down town naperville at 2pm at the barns n noble...unless more people say it would be convenient to meet in down town chicago...say...navy pier? So...let me know if you can attend...or if you can and would rather change the meeting place to Chicago!

So...come meet with us and meet in person to discuss sailor moon and the new anime and all the new things happening for the fandom!

long time no see!

i mostly frequent tumblr now...and have it's sister blog there too (http://www.senshi-chicago.tumblr.com) and i found a fellow tumblrite who lives near me...and we were discussing things...The following is copypasta from the tumblr blog post seen here: http://senshi-chicago.tumblr.com/post/64023187377/get-together

Get together?

To those that follow:

Kelli were discussing vaugely…maybe having a get together in december…she had mentioned maybe the first weekend? (i think)…

Is anyone else interested in participating…and if so…do you have any ideas on what to do? or should we just find a restaurant or coffee shop somewhere for a few hours as a meet and greet?

Even if it is only 4 people…i think we could still make it work and i am sure we ALL would love to meet one another and discuss all this new sailor moon news (and or vent about fandom drama haha). I totally could take an afternoon and design some “hello, my name is ____” senshi themed stickers?

FYI: my input is just finding a place where we could meet and greet for a few hours and get to know one another. December will be chilly and i’d rather not be walking all over chicago…i think that once we get a meet and greet…we can go from there as far as planning actual events

Please reply/reblog/answer with your input and ideas or what day works for you…As of now…i only can do Wednesdays or weekends…

I will post this on live journal too…

Thanks so much guys for your input!

Also! feel free to submit satomi heads superimposed on various chicago things! lets make this a thing for this blog and tag it “Satomi does Chicago

AND OMG GAIZ! FEEL FREE TO FOLLOW SENSHI CHICAGO ON TUMBLR! or me on tumblr (www.goddess-astra.tumblr.com). 

spring time is upon us!

so, perhaps i have this idea...that maybe spring time is the time to get a bit more active...even if only a little. why?

think about it. winter is dreary. cold. snowy. who the hell wants to go out then?! well, march is here and the weather is slowly starting to rise upward. it's easier to go out and about...so...does anyone have anything they would like to talk about? or share? maybe as the months go on, we can actualy TRY this time to PLAN something! i know last year was a bust...and...the year before...but last year i had an excuse! i had to plan my wedding!

well, wedding is done...so...even if it is just with 2 or 3 people...is anyone interested in just hanging out somewhere? i think we need to discuss the new anime...and discuss the lack of info we have been getting...except for that ONE tweet we got by..umm..i forget who...i think coming together, even just for coffee/tea in some vintage bookstore...(which btw, just sounds awesome...vintage bookstore/coffee shop) and discussing our anime.

or maybe we could have a pseudo book club...haha.

welp...i hope all you members are doing great! i would love to find out whats been going on with all of you. I know LJ has been a bit more dead lately....and i have been more heavy into tumblr. Does anyone have tumblr and want to add me? (goddess-astra). Maybe i can create a tumblr blog for us...hmm....

Later, dudes!

edit: I created a tumblr blog...accepting submissions. so far no posts...but lets change that! http://senshi-chicago.tumblr.com/

Advice for visiting Chicago Please!!!

OK so my long -time long-distance BF is FINALLY coming to the US to see me...

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Ginza Festival

So... my husband's work thing this weekend got canceled. Anyone interested in getting together this weekend for the Ginza Festival?

When: Sat, Aug. 13 @ 1pm; I'd also be willing to go Sunday, if that's better for someone
Where: The Midwest Buddhist Temple, 435 W. Menomonee St, Chicago, IL
Cost: $6 for adults, $5 for students (there is a coupon available on their website for $1 off per person)

Anyone interested?
Field Museum

When: Mon-Wed, Aug 29-31 (please put your days in order of preference and/or let me know if any of those days are absolutely out of the question)
Time: ~12pm
Lunch: Anyone want lunch? If so, do you want to eat in the museum or somewhere else?
Cost: $0 for regular admission and, if we do lunch, we'll go cheap so it won't be much
Extra cost: If we want to go to any of the special exhibits, that will cost extra. Please let me know if any of the extra exhibits and, if enough people are interested, we'll go. ^_^
Transportation: Within walking distance of the Roosevelt Red Line stop. I have no idea how parking works, but I'm sure their site has information.
Meeting at: Anyone who's taking the train, we can meet at the Roosevelt stop; otherwise, either where we're eating (if we decide to eat) or at the museum's main entrance.
Warning: Someone (I'm sorry I can't remember who) has warned me that these days are notoriously busy. I have never been there for a free day and thus have no idea. I'm holding out hope that 1) if it's in the middle of the week (Tues or Wed) there hopefully won't be that many people 'cause there would be no three or four day weekends will be in affect and 2) that by the end of Aug the kids might be back in school, which (I think) might help cut down on the crowds (or make it worse; I don't know). I just wanted to warn so if anyone has issues with this, we can take that into account.

I'll post the final information around two weeks before the date, so that anyone interested can ask for time off. If no one has put down which day they'd prefer, I'll probably do Wed, just because it's in the middle of the week. Also note that significant others are always welcome, as long at they're alright with the fact that they might be the only guy there. ;)

Ginza Japanese Festival

I honestly had every intention of making a meet-up for this, but unfortunately I won't be able to go to a festival that weekend. So, here's the information if anyone else wants to plan one or are just want to know more about it. I apologize to anyone that was interested for canceling on you.

Other Possibilities

Museums often hold free days, so I'll definitely keep an eye on those. As of now, they are:

Aquarium : Sept. 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27
Field Museum: Sept. 6 - 9, 14-15, 19, 22, 25
Planetarium: Sept. 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28
Science & Industry: Sept. 6-9, 12-16, 19-23, 26-30
Lincoln Park Zoo: Always Free

If any of these interest you, let me know and I'll try to plan a meet-up for it. That being said, if you know of anything else that might be cool, but aren't comfortable planning a meet-up, you can let me know and I'd be more than happy to plan it if it's something that I'd want to go to too! ^_^

Can't wait to meet you guys!

PS: goddessastra, livejournal won't let me add my own tags :(
So...deep in side, i am STILL interested in something being planned...but it seems like too far to reach when i am unsure who is still active here (aside from like..1 or two people i think haha lol)...and who is still interested...

right now...maybe insteaad of TWO meets...we save it until AFTER the manga comes out. Or, should we still do two??? anywho..if we do just one...that way we can all bring our books....and we can discuss the topic of new merch in america...from the hot topic shirts...to the binders/cards/notebooks....we go to down town chicago for the day...spend maybe...first part of the day at a museum (contemporary art is free on tuesdays!)...and then the latter half...either at a park (we can sit in the cool grass and have lunch or something..)...and we can all spaz about our books and have a sailor moon discussion about the new merch and the hopeful revival of the anime here...and how it has done in italy...

But, i only feel like this get together will be worth while if we have more than just 2 people...you know?

Here is a poll...just so i can get an idea of where people are at this point in time...

Poll #1763601 Just a poll

Who is still active?

Click if you still check out this com!

Who is still interested in planning some sort of meeting?

I am!
Wait? meeting?

Several Feeler Posts

Ginza Festival

August 12-14. Here's the info; it's near Lincoln Park. I... think... I've been to this before, but I'm not sure. If it is the one that I went to, or anything like the one I went to, it'd be really fun! Anyone interested?

If so, what day do you want to go? Fri, Sat, or Sun?

Sailor Moon Marathon

Anytime! So, due to my husband and I strapping down on money-spending, I was trying to think of something to do that would be fun and really cheap. My idea: marathon it! We could get together at my apartment in Evanston (right near the purple line's Main St stop). Or, since I know that my apartment is rather out of the way, if someone else wants to host it that would be fine. Either way, we could have tons of fun chatting and eating and watching Sailor Moon. If we had it my place, I could make homemade pizza, and all I would really ask would be that you bring something to eat or drink: snacks, soda, juice, dessert, etc.

Anyone interested in this? I figure that this could not only be cheap but also super fun. I know that I did a movie night for another community that I was part of and it was really fun.

Field Museum

Also, since I'm here anyways... reminder that the Field Museum is having a free day on Aug 31, which is a Wed. Just a reminder to mark your calenders. I'll make an official post sometime in the first week of August or so.

Saturday August 6th

My fiance's family holds their annual corn roast. Meaning:

It's a huge party on the family farm. some years, 300+ people attend. It has some of THE best sweet cobbed corn ever. I am inviting all you fine warriors of this comm! I have been going the last 2 years, this year will be my third...and i have fun EVERY year. and i gorge out on so much corn!

Corn, food, fun, free beer? Bag toss? Volleyball? What could be better! Oh! friends...bring as many friends as you want! bring 2...3...10...bring em all! come have fun!!!  It is just a nice night to get out, enjoy some good food and company...and eat all the hot buttered sweet corn you can stomach. I will be there, my fiance...at least 7-10 of my friends...I would love to meet you all...since..right now..i am not sure WHAT is going down with a "meet" for this summer...

life stress, finding a job, wedding stress...play factors into me not getting around to planing anything so i thought that having free corn would be an option too!!

So! come and join! Saturday August 6th from 7pm - ???????????????? Take my word for it! It's fun for those 18+.

5603 North Spring Grove Road
Johnsburg IL

Camping on the farm is allowed if in case people are too "happy" to drive home...Any questions, comment here!